What is “Business Information Technology”?

Not so long ago the voice side and the data side of communications were two separate departments.  They did not play well together in the same sand box.  Over the past few years this has changed.  Today, just about every phone system manufacturer has built their system on a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platform.  In many  SMB and Enterprise level corporations, the phone system lives on a data rack in the IT room.  The IT phone system was just the beginning of this convergent technology.

Other areas of technology that have changed include “Web Conferencing”, “Video Surveillance”, “Alarm Monitoring”, “Voice Enabled Web Sites”, “Unified Messaging”, and so much more.  So today simply saying “Telecom” or “IT” cannot describe the many areas of technology that may be involved in a business plan.  This is why we at CT Solutions call this “Business Information Technology” or BIT for short.